The international female star dj, Peggy Gou, has planned the second release of her new label, Gudu Records.

After the first release, Starry Night, real super hit of last summer, DMX Krew is the artist choosed for the second release on Gou’s label, next month.

“Don’t You Wanna Play? EP” will be on October 4th, a four-track 12-inch + digital.

Gou featured DMX Krew’s track “EPR Phenomena” on her DJ-Kicks mix earlier this year. The pair will share a lineup at London’s Printworks on November 2nd as part of Gou’s Gou Talk party series.

DMX Krew contributed to our recent label of the month feature on seminal UK label Rephlex, run by Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson-Claridge.

here you can listen CJ Vibe, first preview of the EP.

Peggy Gou on Soundcloud
Gudu Records on Soundcloud

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