BRM presents this PREMIERE: Voltereta – Ímpetu (Original Mix) on Ladeli

Artist: Voltereta
Track: Ímpetu (Original Mix)
Label: Ladeli

The impetus is movement and energy, it provides us with the necessary state of mind to initiate any action or change, but it can also lead us to acceleration, excessive force or violence.

The idea that underlies Ímpetu’s music is to explore these sensations, to evoke the certainties and contradictions that occur when following an internal impulse and how these manifest themselves at the corporal level.

In the Middle Ages the now obsolete Theory of Impetus was developed in order to explain movement in physical bodies. They wondered what was the reason why a stone thrown into the air continued its movement before falling back to the ground.

What was driving it during its trajectory?

1. Voltereta – Ímpetu (Original Mix)


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