BRM Local Heroes 030 by ALEX JUSTINO (Nin92wo, Steyoyoke Black, Warung Rec.) from Brasil

The Brazilian techno scene lives one of its best historical moments and this is mainly due to the growing number of artists who have been continuously engaged in performing a consistent work in front of this style. Within this context, one of the names that should be mentioned when talking about the national potential is the DJ, producer and label head of Nin92wo, Alex Justino.

The artist from Goiania, works with electronic music for over a decade, and since the beginning, your career has maintained a solid growth rate. Consolidated in the national market and getting more evidence abroad, Justino’s performance in the music industry can be understood, in essence, as the winds that blow in a desert: constant, intense, accelerated and perceptible even in an isolated place and of little prominence (considering the scope of the Brazilian market), as his homeland.

Alex Justino’s auditory sense and dedication, combined with his technical skill, shifted the spotlight from the national industry to the center-west of the country.

The professional positioning of the artist and his consistent work in front of the Nin92wo label maintains him as one of the main influences of the electronic scene in the region, which has developed considerably in recent years and has gotten more and more attention throughout the national territory.

Expert in the art of production, the frontman of Nin92wo has releases on big labels of the national market, at the level of Warung Recordings and D-EDGE Records. Internationally, Justino received a big support from Steyoyoke Black, which released one of the most important works of his career, the Antilophia EP. The last years were crowned by big changes for Alex Justino and it elevated his career to a new level. After spending 2017 immersed in the studio to build and launch his powerful live act, the artist set off for his first international tour in the following year, with 4 gigs around China. Later in 2018, a new tour took him to India and Germany, paving the way for a very promising future for the artist, who begins to get even more space on the international scene.

2020 will be focused on maintaining the strong representation of dance floor that the artist has in the national scene and will undoubtedly bring important challenges for his growth beyond the borders.


01. Aleja Sanchez Octans (AWB Remix)
02. Irakli – 34 Choices of Gender (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
03. Flug – Echoes (Original Mix)
04. Keith Carnal – Chasing Ghosts (Original Mix)
05. Andre Arnaud – Cacoosmia
06. David Löhlein – Red Code (Vil Remix)
07. Stephan Krus – Polytone
08. Alex Justino – The Message
09. Pfirter – Dosis Multiple
10. Phara – Forever Pacing (Original Mix)
11. Alex Justino, Vini Correia – The Void
12. Shlomi Aber – The Voice In My Head (Original Mix)




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