Legendary Italian DJ, producer & radio host, a very master of djing, Claudio Coccoluto is died earlier this morning at the age of 58.

Coccoluto, who was born in 1962 in the little city of Gaeta, near Rome, passed away following a “serious illness”.
The mayor of Cassino, the town where Coccoluto died, announced that a mural would be painted in his honour.

A DJ for more than 40 years, Coccoluto, aka C.o.c.c.o. or Cocco Dance, has been a very legend in Italy, where began DJing aged 13 before graduating to radio and finally going professional in 1985.

He played at venues all over Italy and beyond—including The Sound Factory in New York, where he was the first European DJ to be booked, but his home was Goa Club in Rome, where he set up the long-running Ultrabeat party with Giancarlino, his “partner in crime”, among other things.

Claudio played also in Ibiza so many times and also all over the Europe, in his long legendary careeer.

In a 2004 interview with RBMA, Coccoluto said “my job is to be DJ, and produce is my hobby.” Nevertheless, he released and remixed dozens of records, including his biggest hit, “Belo Horizonti” (signed with The Heartists alias) in 1997.

RIP Master. Thanks for all.

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