Steyoyoke proudly presents California-based Glusko, a new project from an old friend of the label, adding to our growing roster of ethereal techno artists. Glusko’s first single is ‘Belles’, an uplifting song that is nostalgic yet hopeful, and one that will surely stir your emotions.

Glusko shows off his deep production experience and unmistakable artistry with this excellent return to the label, a beautiful addition to the Steyoyoke collection.

We had a chat with the artist about this new own release:

Hi Glusko, welcome on BRM Magazine. Let’s go to the exciting news of your new release on Steyoyoke. What can listeners expect from this news of ‘”Belles”?
Thank you so much! It’s truly an honor to be speaking with you. I’m really excited to release “Belles” on Steyoyoke. It’s my first release as a solo artist and I get to share my unique emotional and melodic sound with my fanbase. I’ve spent the last year really defining and developing my sound as I have been quietly building up my catalogue. This is just the tip of the iceberg. All I can say is, “get ready…”

“Belles” is released on the exciting label run by Soul Button, the awesome Steyoyoke Recordings. How do you arrived to this release and what do you aspect from this work?
I was so humbled when Soul Button gave “Belles” the green light. Steyoyoke has been home base since I was part of a duo. For years Soul Button has been an incredible mentor and has always provided me with constructive feedback. I credit him as being a huge catalyst in helping my sound get to the next level. I speak for myself and the rest of the super talented artists on our Steyoyoke family’s roster when I say that I expect our work to unlock a limitless future sound!

I know you was part of a duo before this new solo artist moniker. Talk to our readers about your music background and how you arrived to start your own solo project.
I was a very serious athlete all the way into my college years. As part of my training regimen, I did a lot of muscle memory, sensory deprivation, and hand-eye coordination exercises. One of these exercises involved playing the piano. As I would sit blindfolded, I would depend on my muscle memory for hand placement on the keys and my auditory perception to recognize notes. This is how I developed my “ear” for music and can rather quickly pick up on things that the average person would not even realize. My solo project implements the use of piano melodies as the backbone of my productions. I use pads so my fans will really feel the emotion of my work. I believe this combination of elements creates quite an ethereal, uplifting sound.

Do you feel more like DJ or producer?
Wow this is a tough question because I play both roles. Maybe we can edit the question to ask what I enjoy more. The answer to that is DJing. I genuinely enjoy the journey of a DJ set. You know, digging for those obscure tracks that people on the dance floor haven’t heard before. Because who really wants to hear the same songs over and over again? I sure don’t. Every set is different and unique in its own way and there’s something about being able to put my personal spin on it, pun intended, and take my listeners on an adventure that keeps my fire burning!

What inspired you to become an artist? And a DJ?
I came from a background of music enthusiasts growing up. Becoming a DJ was a matter of circumstances in that it started out as a hobby in my free time when I wasn’t doing defense contractor work. It was a way to release from the stress and pressures of everyday life. The idea of having the creative control to make art that makes people feel and move is still enticing to me to this day. It’s power in its most organic form. Watching the ideas in my mind come to life and being able to connect with people inspires me to keep going.

How would you define your sound?
My sound can be described as ethereal, rhythmic, and melodic. I explore the progression of light to dark, invoking my roots of underground techno clubs and open air desert raves. Listeners are taken on a self-exploratory journey from the rolling waves of progressive house into the vast, mysterious and formidable world of ethereal dark techno.

During these last 2 years, life and the music industry has shifted quite a bit. How has it affected you and what things has changed for you?
The World Wide Web really is a marvelous creation! I have benefitted tremendously as a producer because of the information that is made available to anyone and everyone with internet connection. It’s a matter of how resourceful you want to get. As a young artist, the amount of experienced producers sharing information online and in-person via tutorials and MasterClasses has really fast tracked my skillset. There is more than enough room for everyone to eat.

Thanks for being here with us, mate. Good luck with your artist career.
Thank you so much guys.

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