Cristiano Coiro aka coiro is a Brazilian artist who uses all his sensitivity and creativity to absorb the smallest details around him and transform them into music. Born in São Paulo, he’s a relatively new name in the dance music scene, but he’ll probably get you completely involved as his music combines beautiful melodic atmospheres with a lot of uniqueness.

This became clear with the release of his album “Reflections” last November, a creative impulse that only gets stronger, as we can hear in his latest single “Falta”, which was released last Friday (19) on Blue Marble, a label that particularly focuses on artists who don’t follow conventional formats.

The track precedes the release of the entire EP Desvendar, scheduled for February, which will also receive another unreleased track, “Tudo Passa”, completing this triad of releases over the next three months.

“Falta” carries the dreamy atmosphere already known from coiro productions, with the notes unfolding in a gentle progression. Each sound echoes delicately like raindrops falling from the sky, giving a feeling of lightness and peacefulness that is difficult to describe.

In terms of comparisons, his sound is very similar to the Austrian project HVOB, which is one of his great references, where emotions float between melancholy and hope. Fejká and Frank Wiedemann are also artists present in Coiro’s mind, which somehow includes them in his creations in a subtle and abstract way.

As he unravels the sonic paths he takes, touching souls and hearts, he also leaves his mark on each new listener who is moved by his sound.

“Falta” is also available for purchase on Beatport.

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