Davestorm Let Me Hear The Kick GoDavide Billardello aka Davestorm presents his new 2-tracks Ep, just released on the Mexican label by Sebastian Mora., Future Techno Records.

The EP has a very acid style, perfect to play at festivals. The tracks are composed of hard and woody kicks, which transmit a crazy charge on the track.

The acid lines have a very important value within the tracks, accompanied by melodic parts that reflect the style of the artist. By combining these two styles the artist fully expresses the hype characteristics of the Techno of the moment.

His passion for music, since Davide was a DJ boy, has turned into small parties of his region, playing in the most important clubs of Pantelleria (Altamarea and Sesiventi). His dedication to electronic music led him to Milan where he attended music courses at the R12 school.

He moved there, and so began to enter the underground music world by attending Party and later focusing on the Techno genre. So he started to build his real art project by starting to work and collaborate with some DJs.

Very active in the field of recording, Davestorm officially began to release his music in 2020 on Comade Music, the label of D-Deck and Alex Mine. Davestorm subsequently released his singles and EPs on the famous Sisko Electrofanatik, Gain Records and Gain Plus, Reload Records, Playoff, Eclipse and Redlof labels, receiving feedbacks and support from international artists such as Trym, Ramon Tapia, Marco Faraone, The Yellow Heads ,Spartaque, Cristian Varela and many others.

Take a listen to the EP here:

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