Soundcloud Premium


PREMIUM Repost (30 days)
Barbur Room + Berlin Techno Music
+ 100% of Partners channels
+ BRM Spotify playlist  (not for mixes)

(Remember to paste your link in the Checkout page)

Your music will be sent to all our partner channels + our own channels (Barbur Room + Berlin Techno Music )

For PREMIUM REPOSTS we ensure reposts for your track/mix on at least 11-19 partner channels.
(depends from your music style, take a look because all partners could repost your track/mix!)

This ensures organic & real plays, likes, comments & reposts for your music!

PREMIUM REPOST includes also your track added on our Spotify playlist for 30 days* (ONLY FOR TRACKS, NOT MIXES).

*of course the track must be the same for Soundcloud and Spotify.